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Then please, tell us why this isn't a wallisii? What is the differences between caudatum and wallisii? ;)
Can you do it for mi OLAF, Please?
If I do, some people may say "... Oh, that is because the conflict of interests...". We are so close of the WOC! They are trying to destroy peoples reputation using all weapons....
In the other group nobody comited "mistakes in the lab", and nobody was convicted in the USA....
Then please, tell us why this isn't a wallisii? What is the differences between caudatum and wallisii? ;)
I'm not Olaf but this is what I found on Rob's phragweb site:
Wallisii - "Flower : The flowers are smaller than those of the other members of the section Phragmipedium. The staminode is 3-lobbed, in which the lateral lobs are arching backwards and end in the shape of an arrow. The middle lob is narrow tongue-shaped and somewhat rounded at the top. The mouth of the lip is yellow with brown spots."
Caudatum - staminode 3 lobbed, lateral lobs point forward in the shape os a sickle. Middle lob is somewhat a rounded triangle. The mouth of the lip is white with red dots on the edge. according to this info it's a caudatum (& a nice one at that!)
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Thanks Goldenrose
Anyway it is a very nice caudatum
...and excellent picture Magicboy
Have a nice week and enjoy your orchids
Very lovely plant and flower. :clap: I hope that you can get the disease under control. I've seen something very similar at the base of my large caudatum hybrid during the hot summer weather, so I removed the outside leaves and treated it with sulphur and increased the air circulation. Not sure if it was the same problem though. Mine does seem to prefer a larger open media and an annual repotting, depending on fast that media breaks down. Good luck. the habitat, either caudaton, as well as wallisi, they both like strong air circulation, specially in the afternoon, before dark.
In that way when the cool temperatures at night arrive the plants are already dry.
In the rainy season this is not happening, but hten you have those plants growing in vertical ridges over rocks, maeaning ...good drainage!.
Good luck and have fun.

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