Phrag St. Ouen flavum

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Lien, have a of great plants. :clap: Do you live in Manhatten?? Where in the world do you find the room for all the birds the plants :confused: ? I'm so amazed!

I really do have to get my hands on some Phrags!!!
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I'll take some photos of the plants and birds space. Luckily, I have a huge terrace so most of the birds are out there and the greenhouse is out there. The flights I will cover and heat and the greenhouse i'll heat as well, in the winter. Of course not in the summer...though the past few days have been quite cold! Especially last night! And SOOOO windy. I had a few orchids outside and they all blew over.
Marco said:
Cool. I'd love to see pictures of your grow area and where your bird cages are. :)

Here are a few pictures frmo earlier this year. It's since changed quite a bit as this was when I first started. I've since added another flight cage and a lot more plants. Another flight cage in the works! And possibly a second greenhouse. Also, i added greenhouse benches for the plants the day after i took this greenhouse photo. I'll take some updated pics after the 20th.



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