Phrag schlimii self pollinated?

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Mar 15, 2008
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Norwich, UK
Initially panicked this morning when I saw what might be black pest insects all over the windowsill when I went to water today!

On closer inspection the pot on one of my schlimii has burst and spread its black speck seeds around! I have sprinkled some seed onto the sphagnum moss on the top of the phrag pot but from my understanding I shouldn't expect any results unless I go down the tissue culture route..

Good to know my schlimii is fertile though! :D


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In my collection, P. schlimii and P. fischerii sometimes do this; the hybrid P. Pink Panther does it pretty consistently. I have seen some suspected seedlings pop up in the live moss over the years, but as of yet I haven't been super successful with getting them to survive long term. Maybe if I actually put some effort into it, they might fare better. But the point is, with enough seeds and enough time, it's definitely possible to get some germination, just not super reliable.

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