Phrag. Ryoke Urabe (Barbara LeAnn x fischeri)

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-edit- oeps I saw I misspelled Ryoko Urabe in the heading-

Following are 3 different pictures of Phrag. Ryoko Urabe. Phrag. Ryoko Urabe is a backcross of Phrag. Barbara LeAnn (= besseae x fischeri) to fischeri. When the first one bloomed I thought it was kind of disapointing. The flowers were very small. But now that the plants are bigger the second blooms have become much larger in size (about the same size as a regular besseae), but what I like the most, is that there are some interesting colors. The ones I like the best are the bi-colored ones with dark pink to maroon with white on the same petal!

In case you are wondering where the name comes from, Ryoko Urabe is the sister of Asuko Fischer (Jason Fischer's wife). Asuko asked if I could name an orchid after her sister, so I did.




Thanx for posting; although the colors are subtly different, I really liked the shape of the first one used in your web/catalog. BTW, since I've caught some flak, wasn't JF x fischeri originally posted as Atsuko Fischer?