Phrag Rosy Gem (sedenii x cardinale)

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L I Jane

Hi Jane,

That's a beauty! :drool::drool: :drool:

You may have also solved a mystery for me as I have a mystery phrag with a very similar name, but I know nothing about it. The flower from a photo that was taken of it before I bought it looks very similar and somehow in the name there is a "rose" reference. Could you possibly take a photo of the foliage so I could compare it?

Also, I have had this phrag for almost two years. It is huge, but I cannot get it to bloom. What are your growing conditions?

Thanks so much!
do you have sedenii or cardinale? what do you think of the cross compared to either parent?
No,I don't have both parents only the sedenii so I really don't have any opinion on the cross other than I like it.:)