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Pensacola Eric

I have a birthday coming up and my wife has given me the ok to buy some more orchids. I currently have around 65 orchids (mostly paphs and phals with some brassias, encyclias and a few oncidiums) and would like to add some phrags to the collection. All of my orchids are in s/h (primeagra) and I would grow these in s/h too. My conditions in Pensacola, FL are fairly warm. Most of the year I grow my orchids on my covered patio which faces south but has a screen. Humidity is not a problem and I can move orchids around to get more or less light depending on their requirements. When it gets too cold I bring them inside which of course is a pain but it's only for a little while.

My first question is what are some good phrags (species or hybrids) that will grow well in my growing conditions.

My second question is do you have any recommendation on the internet of places that sell high quality ones at a good price.

Thanks for your help.
Welcome from NYC [Eric!]! Phrag besseae good ones run $25-$45, good besseae hybrid seedlings $15-$35. See the vendors here, also Orchidview, Piping Rock, and check out eBay [after a few days-don't mess w/ my bids!]
Maybe Phrag caudatum might tolerate your warm conditions. I think Phrag besseae will have trouble with the warm temperatures.

You may be too warm for besseae, but the besseae hybrids should tolerate your conditions well...caudatum is suited to your conditions, but it is very prone to rots in warm, humid weather....maybe start with the easy ones, the bessea any of them...they all look the same...(no flames, please....)Eric
Hey, another Eric in the forum!
Welcome from Eric in Ohio!
Maybe you should try a besseae caudatum cross....something like ruby slippers or china dragon.
Hey Eric,

In my experience the besseae crosses (made with besseae and a caudatum type) are the easiest to grow and the best for beginning Phrag growers. Check the vendors section of this forum for some great Internet sources.

Here's an update of what I got.

Phrag. After-Glo 4N (Eric Young 4N x Sorcerer's Apprentice 4N) from orchidtn on eBay in bud. I received the plant yesterday and it is big with a pot full of roots. I'll try to post pictures when it blooms. Thanks for everyone's help.
ok I went back and read page 1, nice acquisition keep roots wet and dont let too much water get into leaf acxials. This is one I've had problems w/ repeatedly if the leaves stay wet.

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