Phrag. Peter Croezen

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My sincerest condolences to Peter's family, friends and fellow orchid enthusiasts.

A fitting tribute.

Thanks your for sharing the plant and sad news.
Peter was the reason my wife and I joined the Central Ontario Orchid Society. He was manning a promotion table at a nursery we frequented. I probably bought my second or pretty close to my second orchid from him. I think he thought since I was new it would be no great loss if I killed it. I still have it and it has never gotten any nicer. We were at his home a couple of times. The last time he had just started trying to grow orchid seeds. I knew he had died, but I had no idea until today that he was so involved. He was a very gentle and loving man.
I know this is an old thread, but it reminded me of meeting Peter for the first time.

I was doing a semi-hydro talk at SOOS, right about the time the MSU fertilizers were new. He was selling small jars (about 250 g, I guess) for $15 while I had 2 pound jars for $10.

He walked up to me, held out his hand to shake, then offered, "****. I'm not selling any of these today." Then a big grin covered his face, and we became friends on the spot.
I must tell you that the day Peter died, I noticed the plant was turning yellow/brown. I tried very hard to save it, but it succumbed. I'm glad it gave me the flower to photograph to remember Peter by.