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Jun 9, 2006
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Michigan, USA
Just as this flower was opening last Thursday, April 30, Peter Croezen the person, died. I waited until the flower was open before posting it and the accompanying news.

Peter was one of many friends I met through Slippertalk. He responded to a question I had about Phrag. kovachii, and we've communicated ever since. I met Peter in person once when he came to our society to talk about the circumstances surrounding of the discovery of Phrag. kovachii. We "talked" through email ever since, sharing internet gems and orchid stories. I'll miss him.

Phrag. Peter Croezen is pearcei x kovachii, and was created and named by his friend Alfredo Manrique of Peru.

Very nice,and very sad day for all those who new and loved Peter. He had a way of touching every ones heart.
He will be sadly missed by friends and his family,and the orchid world.
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Beautiful flower Dot.
I haven't seen Peter for a few years but he was nothing but kind to me. It saddens me to hear of his passing. Thanks for letting us know.