Phrag longifolium var. hinksianum 3D

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Rick Barry

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Dec 16, 2006
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This is a stereoscopic view of Phrag longifolium var. hinksianum.

To view, cross your eyes until you see 3 images. The one in the middle will be rendered in 3D. It's the same approach used in Orchid Digest.


Not responsible for permanently crossed eyes!

I've done a lot of this stereo photography, but something isn't quite right. The pouch recedes behind the stem, which also comes foreward from the dorsal.

Actually, the method used by the Orchid Digest is the opposite of crossing one's eyes: it's diverging the eyes, as if looking off into the distance. Maybe dots above would help, like in the OD.

Can you do this one?
Interesting. Actually, the "second one" (mine) is closer together than the first. If you can imagine dots above the centers of the first photos (Rick's), they would measure a greater distance than the dots above mine. Of course, the edges of my photos don't touch as they do in Rick's, but that should have nothing to do with how they fit together in 3D.

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