Phrag longifolium (not a kovachii hybrid)

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OK, this species doesn't get much love, considering the fact that the plants are massive and the blooms aren't bright colors. I really like this species, though. They're easy growing, you don't need a magnifying glass to appreciate them, the spikes bloom for months (and branch)... and the blooms have the subtle beauty of a species that hasn't been chosen by humans to decorate the empty space near the window, but by millions of years of evolution.

This particular plant is longifolium 'Waunakee', recently shipped to me in spike, so I can't take much credit for it :)


Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Matthew Gore
And whats wrong with growing & loving these type of Phrags, nothing at all.
They are generally honest, hard to kill AND most people can afford them.
Wouldn't mind it myself. Hope the pollen isn't going to waste!!!
Hi Mathhew, I really love that species too... is very strong and easy to grow. Here in Peru we grow them with crushed seashells and eggshells applied as a dust to the medium once a month and you can inmediately see the difference. I have seen cliffs in Ecuador with tens of thousands of these plants, of all sizes living together with Sobralias. I will look for that picture and post it ASAP!

Phrag. longifolium in the wild (Ecuador)

Hi Matt!

As promissed here are the pictures I took in Ecuador last year.

Very cool phrag., and what a great bloom. I really like that species (especially since its not red or purple - ya, call me crazy) As usual, great photograph.
Pablo, thanks a ton for the in-situ photo! I always love to see how orchids grow in the wild, and still haven't made it down to Peru or Ecuador yet :) Great photos!

I'm planning on breeding this one, selfing it and crossing it with another that I have (and awarded division).

- Matt
It's beautiful. I love long petals. I may NEED one of those.

I spent about 10 days in Peru almost 30 years ago. I remember lots of beautiful flowers but, unfortunately, I was not especially interest in orchids at that time. It was the people and the scenery that captured my attention.
Jim, what browser are you using.... Explorer or Mozilla, or something else?

- Matt
Stunning, I love the phrags for their shape and character, the fangs are wonderful. One day this one may find a place next to our SA, I believe that it's a parent afterall.
I have a longifolium that's currently working on it's 5th and probably final bloom. It's been a fun one--and has spent well over 3 months total in bloom.

I'll post pictures later.
What's not to like? I have a longifolium seedling. What do I need to do to make the thing grow faster? ;-} That is a very fine flower.

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