Phrag kovachii

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Great to see how the bud opens and develops to a stunning flower ... an extremely good Phrag. kovachii, good in all .... colouration, shape and proportions and stance. 👌
Really great one. Thia species is just unbelievable in real life. The flowers are amazing.
This is lovely, thanks for sharing. 17 is a solid number out of the gate. Let us know what it looks like and how big it gets in a week.

How long have you been growing this one and do you happen to recall the source?

Would be interested to learn What media / pot and growing conditions are you using?
It is 'Grande' x self that I got a few years ago from Orchid Inn.

I have several that are in plastic pots - with growstone (an expanded recycled glass that is no longer available, but very large perlite would suffice), rock wool cubes, bark and oyster shell. Something like 35%:35%:25%:5-10%. Temps are lows of 52F winter with days 65-80F and lows of 58-60F summer with days 75-85F. Have grown them with consistently 62-65F at night and 80-85F during the day and they were much slower to grow. I really think they like to get down into at least the high 50s at night to grow well.

First open photo it was about 15.5cm, second is 17cm. Up to almost 18cm this morning, but the form isn't quite as nice as the petals get bigger.
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