Phrag Jason Fischer in bloom

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Nov 19, 2022
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Phrag Jason Fischer (besseae 'Aztec Flame' x M.D. Clements 'Red Wing') first time blooming for me. Purchased from Orchids Ltd about a year ago. This plant has two growths with this being the first to spike. The second growth has the beginning of a spike. This plant is an absolute beast! I've never seen such a large Jason Fischer ever. I'll take pictures of the entire plant when I can get my orchid photo studio set up.

Yay besseae hybrids. OL had a Phrag. Jason Fischer at the 2008, GNYOS Show, that had a bloom that should have been Best of Show, IMO. Would love to get one of those, thanks for sharing.
Very nice size, and the color is good. Maybe subsequent flowers (or another flowering) fix the little folds at the top of the petals and the bit of curving forward of the edges of the dorsal sepal. This is a 2N (diploid), but it has broad petals and appears to have good substance. Take good care of it because it is not easy to find Phrag. Jason Fischer these days.

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