Phrag. Inca Rose (Pink Panther x besseae)

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Here is a first bloom of Phrag. Inca Rose (Pink Panther x besseae). The flower looks kind of similar to a Barbara LeAnn or a Hanne Popow, but I kind of expected that. I do like the contrasting yellow staminode.

The amazing thing about this flower that it is the most fragrant Phragmipedium I have encountered, even more so than Phrag. schlimii, it has a "rose" scent. That is why I liked the name Inca Rose. Inca Rose is also a gemstone from Argentina, that has bright pink colors.


Nice, I need one of these to go w/ my fragrant Hanne Popows!
How long do you think it will be before Eric emails you about selling these? :wink:

Right now I'm raiding greenhouses on the East Coast, maybe midwest this winter, Hopefully they'll hold one for me!:p
Of course, by now I've checked the website and neither these nor the Paph Nachwacht are listed for sale. How do I go about reserving one!?

Phrag. Inca Rose, Paph. De Nachtwacht and Paph. Royal Sapphire are on our website now! Unfortunately we don't have enough Phrag. Golden Beryl's that we can sell them at this moment.

It does indeed look like a Hanne Popow.....that was my first thought when seeing it.

Love the photo, has captured the flower nicely.

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