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Phrag. Fire Cascade-inspired painting

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Jun 7, 2006
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San Diego, CA Zone 11a
I don’t know… I’m feeling on the loose side this evening… Shall we have another art auction?! Things did in fact go smoothly with the last one, though it was never expounded upon.

I am, what is optimistically referred to as, “centrally-located”, placing me very near Windy Hill Gardens. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet Marilyn LeDoux, paint a parvi-inspired piece for her, and acquire many references of some of her plants for paintings. This watercolor and pastel piece was inspired by one of her awarded phrags. It’s 11" x 16" (27.94 x 40.64cm) and will ultimately be shipped flat:


Let’s start the bidding at $350, which is half of the gallery price for a piece of mine of this sort, reflecting my 50% cut. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions; I will be happy as always to answer them in a timely fashion. This auction ends at midnight PST on Thursday, May 22nd.
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Thanks you two! This is not a brand new piece, but it's one people here might have a particular interest in, likely more so than the last pieces I listed.

Just to clarify, it’s not framed, so I will cover shipping like I do when people purchase a piece through my web site to anywhere in the world...so far, my paintings are in the U.S. (of course!), Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Sweden, the UK and Australia—I’d love to expand that!

The color and texture of the image here is flatter than in the actual painting. It’s significantly nicer in person, but, if that isn’t your response by some chance, you’re of course welcome to return it in its original condition.
OMG! I saw that Cyp candidum piece the other day on the web site. It is NICE! I was going to email you and ask about it, but I thought I had better look at my budget first.

You'll be hooked Eric!

Thanks, Bolero!

Craig, I feel silly pushing anything on you because you seem to like my art as much for art's sake as what's shown (or at least implied), so there'll always be something else around the corner that you'll like. If you like this species in particular though, by all means! When my awesome patron in Austin spoke for two of cyp pieces, I broke the payments up for him into three sections which he could send when it was convenient for him (luckily two of them coincided with when we really needed it). Ideally people should have cash for pleasure (art, orchids etc.), but that's not always possible in this economy--sad for you guys, worse for me.

I love your work. It is somewhere between botanical and decorative. In some ways I think it more captures the actual flower than either of those two types of paintings. I love some botanical paintings and almost bought one from Linda Petchnick at the Oregon Orchid Society Show recently. Her paintings are so very real. However, your paintings capture more of the subject than just the 'facts.' Your pieces have a sense of belonging to them that is missing in most botanicals.

My other half really likes the piece you did for the cause to Save the Jean Klock Park, but commented that it looks more tropical than he remembers Lake Michigan. I laughed and said that if he could probably have it for the right price....plus it seems like such a good cause as well.

I'm sure I'll have more of your work. I do like your cypripedium pieces, as I like the plants too.

Take care,

Craig, you make me blush. Unsuspecting passers-by aside, my guess is Linda’s and my audiences don’t overlap all that often! It’s a relief to me that most of us out there who spend a lot of time painting orchids approach the subject as differently as we do.

Lake Michigan's appearance is ever changing, even during the summer depending on the day and location, whether there’s a river nearby or a storm on the way etc. At their clearest, the lake’s blues, purples and greens rival those in any ocean scene, and the sections of beach with vegetation close to the water’s edge are particularly magical (and intensely buggy at times!).

How that landscape piece and the sabatia-inspired one are to be dispensed with is to be determined, though the organization and I are in agreement that it should be at a local event if other businesses will contribute their time and services. They’re waiting for the public comment period to end and then we’ll be talking more about it. The whole thing has made me sad and angry, and contributing what I’m best at is all I can really do, especially from afar. I’m sure I’ll do other “tropical art” though after we make it back to Michigan to see family and friends this summer.
No one else is offering anything here at present, so I don’t feel too bad about bumping my phrag-inspired painting thread…this auction of sorts is up on Thursday night. If you’re interested but on the fence about it, please don’t hesitate to email me for more detailed images. Upon receipt, I strongly suspect it will be apparent to you why the opening bid (and likely any amount that would be reached in this context) is the deal it is. If not, you can send it back and throw verbal rotten fruit at me here, whereupon I could potentially be forced to retreat in great shame.
Very detailed and impressive painting. I think 350 is definitely not asking too much. I wish I could but I am having trouble finding a potential spot to hang it, that will preserve it. I have a house decorated with nearly every wall with chinese watercolours
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Fren, and for your interest.

I like a great deal of Chinese art, but I suppose I’m especially a fan of the Ma-Xia school of landcape painting (Southern Song in general). It transcends achieving a likeness. The reliance on expanses of space (implied mist!) and just enough marks to be evocative of the subject appeals to me greatly. I don’t think I’d be doing myself or anyone else a service in attempting to mimic it (it'd be bordering on sacrilegious), but I’ve taken some of the principles into consideration on a nearly subliminal level while creating a lot of my best pieces.


12 midnight P.S.T, all! If not, I appreciate your kind words nonetheless—it’s not hard to find me if you ever ARE interested in purchasing one of my pieces! I’m always trying to strike a delicate balance between moving work, cultivating new patrons through promotions like this, giving the tried and true a break sometimes, and not cutting myself short—the most enthusiastic buyer does come along eventually though, thankfully! (I just sold a blue lotus-inspired piece for a fitting price that I’d been storing for six years.)

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