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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
I used to dislike phrags, as i find them not as nice (or should i say colourful n interesting) as paphs... SORRY phrag-lovers!! :p This maybe due to the lack of phrag availability in my country... Even the wonderful phrag besseae did nothing for me... Thus, i was rather puzzled about all the fuss generated by phrag kovachii...Until i saw a pic of it recently posted by a member, Leo... It has made me a phrag convert... hehehe :D . I was so surprised by the very vibrant shade of purple, as well as its shape, which resembles paph vietnamense... :wink: I have also heard that phrags are more forgiving than phrags, in terms of culture... So, i'm trying to search for some now...any recommended phrags for beginners?
I agree the availablity of phrags is very low here too and overpriced when compared to paphs in some catalogues. Sort of doesn't make sense because I heard phrags are easier to flask, and bloom earlier. Phrag hybridization is quite young when compared to paphs when you think about it, before besseae most phrags were brown toned.

Although I don't have one yet because someone bought the last one at the orchid show:sob: when I was about to make a move, I recommend Phrag Jason Fischer for its great colour and shape. I like compact plants so I got a Phrag Waunakee Sunset because the Jason Fischer was sold. Jason Fischer is also supposed to give the great colour even in warmer temperatures. Phrag Memoria Dick Clements is also good for that.

I recommend a phrag grande for the long petalled ones. It's a old hybrid but still popular. I heard it is more vigorous than caudatum although the plants are larger. And Phrag. Paul Eugene Conroy for the lighter tones with a slight pink hue. Something like Phrag China Dragon will have more colour because of the besseae influence.
Rob's site 'Phragweb' is back up. Just look at the photos of intragenetic hybrids. Phrag. Jason Fischer truly produces strong and well blooming plants. Good Luck.

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