Phrag. caudatum x klotzschianum culture?

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Apr 6, 2013
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Oldenburg, Germany
Hey Guys,
from Ecuagenera I bought Phragmipedium caudatum x klotzschianum. Now the delivery has arrived. The plant is as I imagined it: Small size, narrow leaves, a lot of klotzschianum in it.
As I don't know much about klotzschianum culture, I'm kindly asking for instructions!

I potted it now into a mixture of fine orchiata bark (3 parts), Seramis (2 parts) and perlite (1 part). Is this okay for this plant? Intermediate conditions seem to be correct for it. But what about watering: IMHO caudatum and its relatives should be cultivated constantly moist but not permanently wet. I read that, in opposite, klotzschianum prefers really wet conditions.
I put wet loving Phrags like besseae with their pots in coasters (right word?) in which I keep water all the time. Is that the right way for my new hybrid, or should I be more cautious with water? I always use rain water.
Thanks a lot, and have nice Eastern!

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