Phrag. besseae var. flavum

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lienluu said:
I did a websearch and found another plant of Phrag.besseae(sib) ('Hidden Agenda' × 'Winter Sun') Z5323. It's Z number indicates it is from OZ. You can see the photo here:


It is possible that mine is the one from OZ. I bought it from Sherwood Orchids when they went out of business. I do know that she had a lot of OZ plants.

I'm still not sure if I should change the label. I have it listed on my records as a 'split yellow'.

DId you find they were fussy growers?

I found they were a bit fussy... They really didn't like the heat last summer, but they are doing good now. I think they objected to my repotting them as well, took them a while to recover from that. At least one is in bud again though.

I find them to be smaller plants than the regular form, and slower growing.

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