philippinense 'Early Riser' 2024

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Awesome growing! I am very envious of your skill.

Do you have a photo of the whole plant? The plant looks quite compact from what I can see -- which would be cool.

Also, do you have any info on the parentage of the cross?

Thanks all. It's not the biggest or best phil, but it has great color, good vigor, and bloomed super fast from flask (less than 3 years.). It is indeed pretty compact, with "three" spikes in a 5in pot with a 16in leafspan. I remade Harbinger's Dark Ages (x wilhelminae) and Lebaudyanum (x haynaldianum) & have a bunch of seedlings growing out.
Plans for this blooming are to cross with anitum & real adductum, and maybe do a species outcross if I can find some good phil pollen.
Growing space-stressed people like myself would much prefer breeding for smaller, compact plants with OK petals rather than bigger plants with awesome petals... but I understand you point.
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