Phaleanopsis - please help with id

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These are the only two plants I have. Does anyone know their name??? :p

a bit bright. very large flower.

another one
Yeah unless someone thinks theirs looks exactly like yours, there's no possibility for ID. The big white has phal amabilis in it, like all complex white phals. The labellum is a dead ringer for p. amabilis, but the lateral petals are quite different.

Maybe they don't want to have an ID. Settling on a name with just comparisons would be orchid identity theft. Unfortunately the sercurity service pack in not available for Windows 'Phalanenopsis'. Which by the way would be a cool name for the next OS. Ok I'm done now. Pretty phals. Reminds me I need to get some more for my collection.
they are both variations of the ever so common phal. unknownii

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