phal mannii and phal cornu-cervi

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Jul 10, 2007
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Toronto, Ontario.
i bought these 2 on monday morning and i repotted them into hydroton (no reservoir, watering a couple times a week works for me). healthy plants for sure =) the cornu-cervi definitely appears to be blooming size (there are just as many roots down below as leafs up top, not to mention they are huge, averages about 3/4 cm in diameter) and the mannii is a little small so i dun think it will be blooming until a little while later; how big do they get anyways? i've actually never seen a real blooming specimen for me to compare so i dunno. can anyone tell/show me?

this is a pic of them two

and these pics are of my mannii, i love the pigmentation around the crown


Mannii doesn't have to be real big to bloom. I suspect yours is about a year from blooming size. I don't know about the other.
thank u, slipperfan
anither question
i tend to notice that the leaves of the cornu-cervi tend to be long and elliptical in shape, but the new leaves that grew are fairly round, there any reason for it?
thanks bellas
the vendor i got them for grew them in a basement under lights, so i guess her lights are due for a change, haha. where i have them should should be perfectly fine ^^
Bellas is right, cornu cervi likes more light then most phal species,

haha ramon, ya. i dun like much of the fancy stuff. they both are still in great shape--both the manni and the cc is growing new roots =) i'll update with pics when u get some blooms ^^
the cornu-cervi blooms

for those who did follow this thread back then, thank you. my cornu-cervi has finally bloomed flower #1 =) more flowers to come but i guess i should show and tell this for now ^^

the mannii on the other hand might still be a little young so it doesnt look like it wants to bloom yet, but thatz ok. slow and easy wins the race as it is always said

well here's the picture i took this morning after i watered it
I can't see the first photos, too... But I can enjoy the last one... Excellent flowering...!!!!!!!!!!
heyhey sry, the links must've been broken when i was shifting the photos around but there they are anyways:

there is a pic of both of them

and these are the pics of the mannii and the pigmentation



and now the update is this pic

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