Peruflora's Cirila Alca "Peggy" AM/AOS

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May 29, 2011
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southern Indiana
This is dalessandroi x kovachii. I believe I have posted this before, but it just opened up and looks so nice and fresh this morning. I had a nice kovachii bloom yesterday and I am going to put that pollen onto this flower. The kovachii usually blooms earlier in the year, so I've never had a chance to make this cross. I've heard comments that people have problems breeding with PCA. I guess I will find out. Mike
PCA flower.jpgPCA plant.jpg
I use next to the smallest size Orchiata. Previously, I used Promix + perlite, but I get better root development in bark. I do not let the pot stand in water, but instead water every 2-3 days. Mike
I am finding it difficult to find a picture online of Phrag Tupac Amaru that you are trying to make. Have you seen one? It must get bigger and more purple.
I have not seen one, but I agree that it should have more purple. The kovachii I used has a broad, flat sepal, so I would like to see that passed along with some size. The oddest thing was that the kovachii pollen looked like it had ruptured and a large glob of waxy material had been extruded. It was visible before I even removed the pollen. I used that to pollinate the flower. It seemed to stick very well. I don't have a lot of experience hybridizing with phrags, but I don't recall ever seeing that before. Mike
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I have a division of this plant from you and it's doing extremely well, although it hasn't bloomed yet. I'm looking for a
first bloom possibly next year. 'Peggy' is a very vigorous plant. Thank you!
Nice one! I hope your cross takes.

I made the same cross a few years ago with PCA from Glen Decker and it was very fertile. None of the seedlings have flowered yet though.
You can store the pollen in the fridge for quite a while, by the way. I leave it on the toothpick, wrap it in plastic wrap, then tinfoil. It's been good for several months post flowering.

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