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Nov 14, 2022
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There was a beautiful red Phragmipedium awarded yesterday at the greater Lansing Show. It is Phrag. QF Makole. It is a hybrid of Phrag. Red Rocket x Phrag. Perufloras Cirila Alca.
This flower had good size, about 4” wide, fabulous deep red color and excellent form! The only bad point was a slightly twisted or a skewed dorsal. It was granted an AM of 86 points I think.
So sorry. I messed up and it posted twice!!
Just look at the saturation of color!!! Fantastic!
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Here is the other Phrag. that was awarded yesterday. This is Phrag. Whirligig. It is Phrag. Andean Fire x Phrag. czerwiakowianum. Man, spell that name a few times. It looks a little like Andean Fire, a little Sargentianum. I thought it was a great hybrid.
It received an 81 point AM I believe. It appeared to me to be a little over 5” in width on a manageable sized inflorescence.
I have been trying to acquire one plant of this hybrid for quite some time now but for some reason I have not yet run across one for sale. I have seen a few ‘high priced’ ones available of eBay but I have not taken the plunge.
I am speaking about Phragmipedium Perufloras Cirila Alca. I am hoping that someone here can give me some further information. It seems to vary somewhat in shape and color from what I can see in images posted in various places on line. But I finally got to see one in person over the weekend at the Greater Lansing Show. I think it is like a giant pink balloon!
Oops I did it again, posted an image twice. That Ice Storm is still causing my cable and my on line provider, Spectrum fits! I was without both things for about 46 hours until about 7 Friday evening. Well enough complaining.
I have not yet had the privilege of judging one of these but one day I will. It is on my ‘must have list’!! She sure is a beauty. Those huge pink petals are very attractive and from what I see reading about these things on line, she is proving to be quite the parent as well!!🥰
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Yay besseae hybrids! Peruflora's Cirila Alca isn't too hard to find. The one in the photos is an unusual color. Fritz Schomburg is a better hybrid because, unlike dalessandroi, besseae doesn't cause the lateral sepals to droop. Thanks for sharing.

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