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I always go, and both my wife and myself will be there on Sat. when the doors opens at 9. It's a longgggggggg ride for me but wouldn't miss it. I already e-mailed and had John set a few things aside for me. All paphs., you understand.

Anyone thinking of going, may I STRONGLY suggest that you go on Sat. and the earlier the better. This event is a two day event but there is pretty slim picking on Sunday. I'm talking from personal experience and wouldn't go again on a Sunday for anything.

All the vendors are set up under one large tent. It gets pretty hot under that tent very quickly. I roam the tent first and then hit Parksides paphs. house. I usually corner John and we try to have a short talk before he is pulled away.

May I suggest that anyone that goes thinks about buying one of the paph. Sugar Suites that bloomed out last year. As many of you know many of the came in listed as an emersonii cross and they more then likely are not. Paph. Sugar Suite (emersonii x niveum). I think most of you can fill in the blanks. These were mislabeled by wholesalers on purpose. Many big orchid houses received them.

Hope to see you there. I'll be the red headed older guy with a pony tail, moustache and tattoos. Say, Hi. I'll get there earlier and be gone by noon.
Yep, Long Island Orchid Society. They actually have a website now.

When I first join the society, many years ago, people really seemed excited growing orchids. I have seen a significant drop in membership since I first joined. However, it is still an active society. Some of the lectures are wonderful, and I have to say that I have learned a lot from some of the speakers. The show table is not as large as it use to be, but some of the growers bring in some incredible orchids; tiny species, hard to find orchids, etc. I find that there is always something new to learn when I do make it to one of the meetings. You should check it out one evening. Also, you can get supplies at the meeting.

We found that the best time to arrive at Parkside for the fest was on Friday, late day. The greenhouses are open and you have the whole place to yourself. Then we stayed nearby(20 minutes away)and were the first ones back on Saturday. I'm not going this year, too many orchids after our recent auction and used the gift certificate from Orchid Inn--Paph philippinense var. album and a flask of Paph Robinianum(parishi x lowii).
Hey scooby my GF, LI Jane, NY Eric and I will be at the show at 9 hopefully.

Eric - Jane gave me the heads up. Don't forget your umbrella! Rain can be a good thing. It might deter people from going. Which means more plants for us to choose from. That happened to a trip to 6 flags that i went to in college and the wait for each ride was about 5 minutes! And plants love the humidity.
Eric, What Bike???? I just meet with the painter on Sunday and he stated he is heading off to Sturgis and will be back in a month. I started planning this bike back in Feb. and the only thing I've seen so far is a mock up of the bike. Looks like I may not even get to ride it this year. I almost think the builders are planning it this way so they can bring to a show or two. Oh well, I'm certainly getting to talk about it. When all is said and done I'll post a few photos of it here. I know it won't mean much to you paph. and phrag. growers but to me it's a ones in a life time build. I've been looking at other bikes and such on the computer every week. That got Donna asking me if I planned on building another one. Another one? Are you kidding this one is already costing an arm and TWO legs. Really, she was saying, Don't even think about building another one in a few years.

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