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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
Just wondering if anyone here is going. If I can save up several hundred for stuff.....neos and such :wink: I'm going to take a mini roadtrip with the SO.

I'm already sifting through the OL website. I feel like a child in a fun dip shop
I am soooo tempted, mostly because J&L will be discounting preorders!!!!! argh. I hate doing the road trip though. (okay, it's not far but still, it's summer and hot and .... )
Eric - its on July 28 & 29. I'm driving down in the morning, most likely sat morning i wanna to get to be able to pick out of the plants available, and drive back up in the afternoon. If you wanna come with me and maria theres gonna be 2 seats open in the car.

If anyone else in the nyc/long island area would like to go there will be one more seat if eric decides to go

Ki - you should go lol. itll give you a reason to spend
Thanks! BTW, do you belong to any of the Long Island area orchid societies?

I am a member of the one in Lynbrook. I go sometimes... It is nice to see what people are growing... And sometimes there is a good speaker.