Paphiopedilum ??

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What is wat? That long fuzzy thing in the middle?

If that's what you are talking about, then you got urself a flower. :clap:

If you are talking about the ID of the plant, then I'm unsure of it. Only when the flower opens can you tell and you are (hopefully) to ID it.
Looks like a paphiopedilum to me. I'm not familiar w/ the markings on the leaves so I'm out. Maybe if you place something next to the plant for size reference it would help...???
Is there really any question as to this being a paph? What else could it be?
Definitely a brachy or brachy X.
Brachy or brachy hybrid for sure. The stem already seems too long for bellatulum, so niveum is not unlikely.

Yes, that is paphiopedilum, but the species is unknown:sob:
No but I know a source for hangianum later this year. There is a vendor at WOC w/ flasks of the reddish hangianum but I have no room or patience to grow them from flask.

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