Paphiopedilum tigrinum

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No worries. I see a lot of people trying to heat them too. Mine are subjected to a very large temperature range. Maybe in cold climates it's necessary, but certainly not in any climate that doesn't get regular frost.

It seems that clone has origins in the US.
Yes, ' Cat's Meow' is my plant and was awarded in 1992. It's amazing to me that it's siblings are showing up around the world. :)
That is a wonderful flower. Top quality. The cross comes from Sam Tsui.

Never really seen this plant available for sale here.
Nice roots!
I did hear on this forum that they like to be treated a bit like cattleyas as regards light and seasonality,

Tricky one. Yes they are growing with things like my Cattleya coccinea, but the Brazilian rock species would need much higher light. If I could find my expensive light meter I’d take a measurement for you but I can’t find it
Second flower fully open now. I did some measurements. Now sure how it compares with others


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