Paphiopedilum Shun Fa Golden

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Grand Chupacabra
Dec 26, 2012
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Central North Carolina
Paphiopedilum hangianum x Paphiopedilum malipoense

This is one of the ones that was supposed to be Paph. Memoria Larry Heuer, but turned out to be Shun Fa. I'm not too concerned, as I think Shun Fa is more my taste anyway. This isn't a great award winning flower, but I like it quite a bit.

This particular batch of SFGs has proven to be quite vigorous. These grow quickly and flower multiple times a year. The flowers are large and they are quite fragrant. The scent is a lovely perfumey floral scent with citrus tones to it. It's one of my favorites. It's also one of the more heavily scented hybrids I've encountered.

I grow these wet and bright. They grow year round and pretty much always have active root growth. Since they can bloom any time of the year, I don't think they need any special temperatures or growing conditions to bloom.






multiple times a year??
Mine blooms once a year. but it is skipping this year, it looks like.

This is from that batch of P. malipoense x emersonii 'H' that were being passed off as MLH several years back. I've got 2 from different sources. The flower quality on them is lacking compared to the really good ones I've seen, but they are vigorous and grow quickly, so they're keepers in my book.

Between these 2 plants, I've had SFG blooms since October or November! The other plant produced 2 different spikes a couple months apart so that the 2nd flower opened up shortly after the first one dropped off. It's still in flower, and now this plant is blooming, too.

I've got other SFGs that are much slower growing than this, though they are seedlings so I should probably wait until they're blooming size before I try and compare growth rates and vigor.
My first SFG was also one of those labled as malipoense x emersonii 'Mr.Hang'. There's the hint. haha
I bought it in bloom in the middle of summer. Then it bloomed in January for me for two years in a row. Then, the latest new growths slowed down a lot. I have no idea why. The plant is compact, unlike others I have, which are a bit too big for me.
Yet, it has very large flower and it is also very fragrant.

I bought two seedlings (only about 3-4 inch from tip to tip) about five years ago. They grew well for the first two years, and then they got stuck for one year doing nothing. They started to grow again now, but sill too small to make flowers. I have two large plants that should bloom very soon. Can't wait!!

I thought about getting a flask, but with this experience, it is a bit discouraging. Still, it could be that I ended up with runts. There's bound to be some vigorous seedlings among any given batch, so I might just try. OR, better yet, I might try SFG x armeniacum, or NH. will be exciting!! :)
I hope I don't encounter any burn out with letting these bloom so often. I'm almost thinking there's a chance it could be from the same batch as yours even though yours are "Mr. Hang" and mine were just "H". The compact growth habit is very true of these plants.

I've also considered getting a flask of this cross, seeing how it is one of my absolute favorite hybrids and I'm considering getting a seedling or two of SFG x Norito. I love fragrant flowers and I love yellow, and it seems reasonable that SFG x NH would be yellow and fragrant.
I also have SFG x armeniacum. A recent purchase from Hawaiian vendor. I'm hesistant to post a picture because the photo doesn't show how nice it really is in person. A huge yellow flower, but no fragrance. The leaves are a lot narrower than any of my SFG and the length is also shorter. It pretty much looks like an armeniacum on steroid. I think parvies that are not fragrant easily wipes out the fragrant trait when used for hybridizing.

I love it so much that I want SFG in yellow. So, I'll look for flasks of SFG x NH, or SFG x armeniacum in the future.