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Feb 1, 2019
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I debated about whether to post this or not, but in the end, I think posting poor bloomings can also be helpful - in this case to illustrate how plant health contributes significantly to flower quality. This philippinense last bloomed for me in 2019, and it was extremely well-received on this forum (LINK). It was a very healthy plant at that time, but had so far refused to clump, producing only sequential single growths. To try to get more growths, I decided to ramp up the light and fertilizer it was receiving. I've heard that philippinense can take close to/if not completely full sun, however, I discovered this particular plant cannot take anywhere close to cattleya levels of light. Before I realized it, the plant was severely burned, and I was quite worried for a while that I was going to completely lose the plant. Thankfully, it pulled through, and seems to be slowly on the mend. I did also happen to get the intended outcome, in that the severe stress caused the plant to send up several new leads from old growths. However, I'm not sure it was worth it. The plant did manage to bloom this year, still in a significantly weakened state, but with only 3 flowers of really poor quality. No nice long maroon twisters this time. Fingers crossed that in another 2-3 years I can update you all with a beautiful blooming from this plant on a nice vigorous clump!
I’m glad you saved the plant! It’s precious.

I find that some phills can take more light than others so very individualistic in that respect. I watch them weekly to see who responds. And gradually increase the light short of yellowing. But I do grow under lights so harder to burn. This reminds me to move some into more light lol.

PS don’t forget to save this one for trade in future 😂🙏 once it recovers vigor.
These flowers aren't that pretty as with the last flowering especially the petal lenght and their dark maroon colouration .... but still pretty. And as Leslie already wrote, the most important thing is, that she's still alive and seems to recover. But maybe too much light wasn't the only reason why it happened? Who knows ?
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