Paphiopedilum haynaldianum (half albescent)

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Feb 1, 2019
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Originally had 3 flowers and 2 buds, but one flower fell prematurely before 3rd open (behaved like a phrag!).... colors are diluted in half it seems from the original coloration types.

Raking my brain, I finally deduce (with much delayed Sherlock logistics) the reason for a (type x album) breeding as part of the two step program of enlarging the albums in next F2 generation.

At first, the pastel colors horrified me, but it grew on me as I watch it develop daily over the week.

I think I have Stockholm syndrome during this orchid pandemic confinement 🥺.

You judge and tell me.

It's always nice to see a multifloral flowering!

Next: is the glass half full or half empty?
The very strict perspective would be: neither fowl, nor fish. Braem would probably characterize it as a pale form of haynaldianum - and I would tend to follow him, as it is with albinism as it is with pregnancy. Either you (not you personally, of course, Leslie) are pregnant or not!

On the other hand, why shouldn't we as horticulturalists allow ourselves to enjoy and indulge in the manyfold colours and shades, that Mother Nature (or Sam Tsui) presents to us? 😍
Well, it looks only slightly light compared to the standard variety that it looks pretty much like a standard variety to me.
Mine('Ron' x self) bloomed out much lighter than this even. I did not like it and ended up giving it away to someone. :)
I find the colouration interesting and you may compare it with my 'pale' P. helenae.

.......I have more of an issue with the dorsal.
O.k. the margin of the dorsal is slightly 'overundulated', maybe that could be a hint of an var. album as one of the parents (albums have often these undulated margin of the dorsal).

.......I think I have Stockholm syndrome during this orchid pandemic confinement 🥺.

Question is, who is hostage and who is hostage-taker? 😎
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