Paphiopedilum druryi

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This is a cross between an old clone back from around year 1900 called "la chartreuse" from the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris the other plant is of unknown origin. I made it back in 96-97 and the cross yielded quite a few plants -- this is one of them.
Flowers every second year or so and it has two spikes this year.

:clap: I just ordered a druryi and it should be arriving soon, I hope when it blooms it's nice like yours! What's the leafspan on mature growths?
Not many grow P. druriy and less ones bring them to flower. Congrats !!
Not to mention the excellent photo- as always.

Best regards from Germany, GuRu
One of my favourites. My druryi is currently in bloom as well but I don't have a picture yet. Yours is quite beautiful.
Great. One of my original favourites and finally I have two young plants.
Thanks for posting,

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