Paphiopedilum callosum

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I am dying to see my second plant from him to bloom.
It's been three years and the dark thing just keeps on adding leaves but no flowers.
I did bloom one nice vini, a large flower on a small plant. I gave it away.
I hope this second plant blooms out type form!
I just received 4 awards from Sam's callosums...
and an AQ which was attributed to his breeding....
will post some photos later...... so far all of the callosum's i have flowered from Orchid Inn have been above and beyond...
My 'Perfect Circle' × 'Vini Beauty' was so beautiful when it bloomed...I just can't seem to get it going again! Potted in fine bark and perlite, watered regularly, low light, weak fertilizer, warm temps, 60% humidity...

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