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Feb 8, 2017
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Good morning,

my paph vietnamense is blooming again :)
Sadly it is just a one growth plant and the growth is also not very big and strong

Beautiful ! Seems to me that this specie is a little bit difficult to cultivate. Why?

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That is a beauty. Lots of pink and a nice pouch.
Early on I had allot issues with rot but with a drier root zone I seem to do fairly well at this point. Here are three not in the traditional plastic pot. The two in clay have the std bark mix except for a higher ratio of sponge rock, 1/3 or more. The net pot has less sponge rock and shredded moss added but the same end game, aired out root zone.37be839e4f701e685ad457972bb9ebfc.jpg

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Stephen it displays fine on the phone. I'll have to check it out from work. I might be able to adjust if need be. Four inch clay pots for reference.

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A very beautiful bloom I've not had the chance to grow one, I have a hybrid ad a parent hopefully I'll be successful