Paph. vietnamense, first bloom seedling

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I got these little guys a while back from Antec. They've been good growers, and the biggest one has decided to bloom!! I just love how fuzzy the flowers are! I'm also amazed at the size-- 4 3/4 inches across, on a plant that's only about 1" larger than that! I can't wait to see what it looks like once it's a bit more mature!

Beautiful color in the pouch! It seems that the form of vietnamense tends to improve quite a bit with the second blooming (I suppose that's true of many Paphs), too, so you can expect an even better bloom next time :)

- Matt
Very nice.
Mine is still coming along.
I can't imagine that the bloom will be as
big as yours though. The plant is so small
and the stem is only about 3 inches tall.
Maybe I need to give it steroids!