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Mar 7, 2007
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I bought 2 paph venustums from SVO , but neglecting them for a while ( in fact the neglection was equally treatment of the whole collection) , the plants lost their leaves . Then a few months ago , I noticed that one of them had a bud, I gave it a little bit more water , however the effort was late coming and the flower also had some insect problems at the top of the pouch (@ bottom of the v shape rim, the location where the 2 halves of the pouch met )
Maybe those were the reasons which result in the flower not opens properly, the pouch is wrinkly (not fully inflated) , and the rim of the pouch could not spread straight. The color is not as dark and red as Sunset Valley SVO venustum "Christmas" on their website , but seems to have potential
venustum SVO x Delightful Dark photo 2.JPGvenustum SVO  x Delightful Dark photo 3.JPGvenustum SVO x Delightful Dark.JPG
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Better luck next time around. This was a test run lol.
hopefully so , this is a different cross, he used "SVO" crossed with "Delightful Dark" , not the dark red "Christmas" or the "Christmas Highlight" clones .
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good colour
thanks, the disappointment is the pouch, I saw that the pouch was so wrinkly, but still hope for a straight line rim (like so many venustums' posted photos) but as the flower grew bigger from the bud stage, the hope just fizzles a little more each passing day .
Yes you Hien. I went to Fred's website and he apparently isn't selling many paphs anymore. He only had one Maudiae hybrid listed.
yes , you are right, I think he concentrates on different orchid genera now , it is regrettable because he has the most beautiful color venustum stud plants .
Hien, keep good care of it and good luck for future flowering ! Fingers crossed ! 🤞
I should have .
The collection is not appropriate for indoor without the greenhouse (one is forced to water each plant instead of spray the whole greenhouse at once)
I would cut the spike off and let the plant recover.
yes your advice is sound, I will do it this weekend ,
just want to hang on to the flower a few more day, LOL , for a wrinkly flower !!!

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