Paph Transdoll

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
Paph Transdoll is roth. X liemianum. This is a second blooming. I have another that I hope will be bloom better. I will give this one one more year and then it may be history.

Transdoll isn't one of my favorites, so I know what you mean. Maybe the shape will be better next time. Just threaten it loudly and see what happens:>
I bought one of these 2 yrs. ago as a NBS and as of yet have seen nada. It sat for the first year doing nothing so I repotted it and this year I'm getting growth. If you call approx. 2" of a new leaf growth. I know it has roth. in it but pleeezz. No patience. I hope I'm not's my only roth. cross. I do like the looks of the blooms of the Transdoll though. Better luck on your next blooming.