Paph tranlienianum

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malipo nut
Jul 16, 2006
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cute little guy..I like the chocolate color...

Hi Sangii,

Don't care about visions others see in this species. It's a really nice one and tame!!!:wink:
I'm proud to grow one but unfortunately it decided not to flower this year so I will wait for next year.
I'm just wondering how it could hide itself from the eyes of orchid hunters such a long time - it was described just in 1998!!
Best regards from Germany, GuRu.
Rick said:
Very nice.

Does it have any picky requirements?

well I have had it for over a year so hard to tell exactly but I grow it warm, together with helenae and they are not really fussy or anything. bark + gravel + limestone potting mix, kept moist, high humidity in th GH...

I understand why some people might think it has a Cyclop look !

one of the things I like the most about this species besides its miniature size is its furry dorsal....

I think one of the reasons it remained unknown for such a longtime is that it is so tiny and growing in quite remote locations
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I like it. Never seen this species before "in the flesh" so to speak ... but I have one with two buds maturing. Will post when open.
Thanks your photo increases my anticipation.