Paph tonsum from my home display

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WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

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Oct 15, 2006
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Tigard OR
Here's a close up of the tonsum in my display as well as a picture of the whole plant. I got it from Piping Rock Orchids a couple of months ago and it is a very small plant. This is it's first blooming on a single growth. It was in low bud when I got it and the flower is very nice. Too bad the photos are not as nice as the flower. (I'm getting better with the camera though)

Thanks for looking,

Heather, you crack me up!
I had it in a small show here in WA last weekend and I heard that there was a lot of talk about it. The leaves are so much darker than other tonsums and the plant is relatively small to be blooming sized. I have another from OZ that I got last year and the leaves are very light and the bloom is much lighter as well. However the bloom is probably twice as big as this one. I guess time will tell if it gets much bigger next year. My fingers are crossed!

I like the subtle purple streaking on the petals. Wonderful species with long lasting flowers, I also like the leaf coloration with the red/purple underneath. I bought a similar plant about a year ago ... also in bud. It was labelled P. tonsum "donker" which means dark (var cupreum ?).
Lance Birk lists "cupreum" and "alboviride" as a varieties in his book with braemii as a separate species. He writes that cupreum has more purple marking under the leaves. Phillip Cribb has braemii as a variety in his book but neither cupreum or alboviride. I'm not too fussed about taxonomy but I guess this means that there is a continuum between the lighter and dark forms and Phillip Cribb doesn't accept this as varietial status (which to me seems sensible).
This is all the information I have about this ... as for legit ... I wouldn't know who or what is the oracle that decides this as I'm just a simple hobbyist. What I can say with confidence is that if I had more room I'd definitely want to add var braemii to my collection ... if you like subtle beauty, get this species!