Paph Thomas Fourman (liemianum 'Floradise' AM/AOS x malipoense)

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L I Jane

This opened a couple of days ago.I had been waiting forever for the bud to open --looks like a couple more buds to come plus sent out 2 new growths.The pouch is nice & big due to the malipoense.I'm going to take a pic in another 10 days & see if there are any changes ie. deeping of pouch colour etc. :)
I liked the color contrasts so much when I saw a photo of it a year or so ago that I couldn't help but purchase it! I hope mine blooms soon. Yours is gorgeous!
I have the same plant and the leaves just keep getting longer I suspect I would see a bud pop up soon. I'd love to see a shot of the whole plant. Thanks Ray You have good coloring on the flower so worth the wait is this your first bloom? it will be my second
thank You L I Jane I have the same flower but my plant looks different but by the size alone I should see blooms soon. My leaves are longer and more slender and darker.Your plant looks great I enjoyed seeing it.
Wow! I don't remember the bloom being like that! Do you have a picture of the plant now? Nice growing! =)

Pat those are the pics I took in the past few days. ???? Not sure what you are asking.
L I Jane said:
Pat those are the pics I took in the past few days. ???? Not sure what you are asking.

Isn't this the one I sold you a while back? I thought the flowers were different shaped/colored... I like the coloration of it! =)

Yes it is I remember you saying you thought the colouring was really weird but this is the very one that you had auctioned off!See how stiff the leaves are --you complained that they were very floppy & had to be supported.I thought maybe it was the heat in Fla
Do you have a picture of the entire plant? It looks as if it likes you more than it liked me! =)

I'm really confused as I have the pic on the bottom of Page 1 but you can't see it Kentuckiense??I'm doing it again so let me know.