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Paph Susan Booth "Kilwoth"AM/AOS

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Bryan,I am asking $350:00Cdn. This plant came directly from Jim Eadie of Kilworth Orchids when he divided his plant up.
I looked through my Phrags and all I could find that even remotely comes close is Phrag Nitidissimum. It's a big plant, previously bloomed, with one near mature new growth and two smaller new growths. If that interests you at all let me know. I do have pictures but can't get at them as something is wrong with the picture program on this computer. Icould probably talk my son into taking a new pic with his camera and send it to you via his computer.

I found a picture of it right here. It's in this thread... http://www.slippertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2724&highlight=phrag+Nitidissimum

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