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Just me!
Jun 7, 2006
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Ontario, Canada
My Paph St Swithin...bought two years ago as a single growth plant from a sales table. I'm not really taken with its form but it's still a pretty flower.
I is funny looking. It's going on the sales table tomorrow so i can re-invest in a new seedling. This one is nice but I really want an award quality flower...or as close as I can get to one. Somebody else will appreciate this one more than me.
It is nice, but I did the same thing with mine, which also had more philippinense influence than roth. and hence, droopier petals than I like. I got one from Krull-Smith, and another whose parents tend to have a very wide stance, so I am hoping both will be good.

I think that's what's been fun about getting the collection where I want it to be, if something blooms and I'm not thrilled, I can always sell it and use the $$ for something I prefer. Good luck with your sale tomorrow, Wendy!

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