Paph. St. Swithin 'Principessa's Yellow Streamers' AM/AOS

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lightly hirsute
Dec 27, 2006
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Somerville, NJ
I've been lazy with posting pics, so Ill try to dump a few on everyone for a bit. First up, this St. Swithin just got the AM a few weeks ago. Second blooming. Up from four to five flowers and form got fuller.

After judging...
Congratulations on your award. Beautiful flowers, love that dorsal (broad and well marked) Nicely spaced and well presented with the first held nicely above the foliage! Very very nice.
What have you crossed onto these?
Hi Ty. Where did it get awarded? Looks like someone had their way with a few of the blooms! :p

At Mid-Atlantic in Philly.

Yeah. It came home and the next day I got frisky with some pollen. Put on some Leopard Spots from Hadley (didn't take), Rory Jones I got from Krull Smith's display the first (and last time) they came to the SEPOS show, and that Barbara Glancey that was awarded at the Paph Forum. We'll see if either of the remaining take.

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