Paph roebelinii 'Suzy' AM/AOS

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Just me!
Jun 7, 2006
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Ontario, Canada
I love this flower. She was awarded for me three years ago. I got this plant a few years ago from John M and he got it from Alan Salzman. Alan has his name in the pot for a division when she is big enough to share again. Only one flower open so far...does anyone want to see 'Suzy' again when all the flowers are open?


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Oops - hadn't looked carefully before jumping to write the above question! Anyway, it's really nice. I have my first philippinense blooming right now and it's what I guess to be the laevigatum type. It's from Norman's Orchids. I'll post pix when my puppy grows up a bit more and needs less of my minute to minute attention! I also have some compot seedlings from a selfing of Paph. philippinense 'Windsong' AM/AOS from Woodstream. That one looks quite a bit like yours, from the pictures I've seen.
Four flowers this year. It had five when it was awarded. There is another growth that looks like it is thinking about making a sheath so I'm hoping for five flowers on that one.

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