Paph. philippinense var. laevigatum

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Jun 6, 2006
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These are photos which Mary Phillips posted the other day but they were pretty small. Being the pest I am, naturally, I asked for larger ones as they are the parents of my laevigatum that is currently in sheath.

I wanted to share the larger photos (and also add them to my database).
Does anyone have any comments on the laevigatum variety? This is my first one to bloom and I am quite excited. I love my regular philippinense and roebelinii but I am really looking forward to seeing this lighter variety bloom for me.



Isn't it beautiful?? Sigh....
I've yet to hear a convincing description of laevigatum as a legit variety. I recall hearing "more pink petals", "more horizontal petals", etc etc but I think most would consider it fully within the realm of philippinense. If anyone has more experience with this entity I'm sure the info would be welcome here!
my two cents:

Taxonomically, it is synonymous with philippinense.

In common usage, it seems to mean the smaller form of philippinense.

And to really stoke the fire... roebelenii is at most a variety of philippinense.

I don't know what the official taxonomic differences are: but, I've always understood that laevigatum was a smaller, stockier plant with shorter, less twisted petals - although my clone is micro mini.....much smaller than normal laevigatum). However, the major difference is the overall "blonde" appearance of the flower. You'll never see a dark mahogany laevigatum. The pouch should be cream to yellow and the dorsal should be white or cream with clear dark colour bleeding into the spaces between the stripes. The overall appearance is a very blonde flower. Also, even though philippinense (including the so-called "variety" - laevigatum), are "strap-leaf" Paphs, laevigatum definately does not have strap leaves. They are short, stiff and stocky.

....My two cents. :) Where is Olaf when you need him? Oh, Olaf??????

BTW Heather, yours is wonderful! If it were mine, I'd call it one of my "keepers" too! Although, those nice, long, corkscrew twisted petals make me wonder if there isn't a light coloured roebelinii in there somewhere?????
Very interesting discussion both here and in John's post. I'm really too much of a newbie to comment but my philippinense is totally different from John's laevigatum. I think i lean towards being a splitter as well.

I love that 'Buttermilk' Heather. It would be nice to have a division of that one.:drool:

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