Paph. philippinense 1st blooming + mil. 2nd blooming

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I got it from Paph Paradise last year.
I'm desperately trying not to expand my collection, but a long petaled philly is so tempting. You got a great one! What kind of care and growing conditions do you provide it? I've got one of the small growing varieties with much shorter petals, and I like it, but one of these bigger types is just calling my name.
I just got back into growing orchids about 2 1/2 - 3 years ago (I grew orchids as a teen and early 20's in a section of my parents greenhouse until they closed down and I moved out then got out of it so just got back into it now that I have more time). As of right now I grow under lights but hope to build a greenhouse in the next year or so. I grow it under the grow lights along with my roth and cats. so bright light also it is in a sun room so gets some extra light from the windows. I fertilize at the same rate as my other orchids with 1/4 tsp seamax to 1 gal of RO water with a pinch of Epson salts 3 times a month with 1 time a month being plain RO water. I also add crushed dried chicken egg shells to the mix when I repot. I don't know that it does anything but I figure the extra cal. etc. cant hurt. I use large and small bark mixed with charcoal so that its looser since I water often and top dress with spagnum moss. to help with humidity.
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