Paph. Nicholle Tower (Lynleigh Koopowitz x rothschildianum)

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I bet you guys have never seen a picture of this cross yet: Paph. Nicholle Tower. This cross was originally registered by the Eric Young Foundation, but we also made the cross back in 2001. I was expecting more of a white to pink flower with burgundy stripes, but apparently the malipoense background was more dominant, and it turned out more like a Paph. Harold Koopowitz. The nice thing about these plants is that they are more compact, and the flower stems do not get as tall as a Paph Harold Koopowitz.



It's fun with those crosses that you have no idea how they will turn out. At the moment I have a Mount Toro x sandrianum that will bloom soon. I really wonder how it will turn out.

I liked your Nicholle Tower, but I would never have been able to guess the parents :)
I think this photo is a little dark, so the green may be exaggerated. My Dollgoldi opened a little greenish, but soon became very yellow with a touch of green.


I'm glad to hear that. I have two and I was expecting them to bloom yellow. I prefer yellow rather than green.