Paph lowii and Paph glanduliferum blooming in the kitchen

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John D.

glanduliferum NS 8.5 cm, lowii 15+ both first bloom seedlings. It was too cold to take them outside for better light.


  • Paph glanduliferum comp1.JPG
    Paph glanduliferum comp1.JPG
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  • Paph glanduliferum comp 2.JPG
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  • Paph glanduliferum comp 3.JPG
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  • Paph lowii comp 2.JPG
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    Paph lowii comp 1.JPG
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Nice flowers John.
You must of gotten your glanduliferum from the same source as mine, Piping Rock? I ask Glenn if it was wilhelminiae and he said "no" it's the true glanduliferum. I'm holding off on his name until I see mine open. It's getting close.
Very nice; the lowii bloom is really 'great' with pretty flowers. I have a spike on a gardineri just starting (or should it be a wilhelminae or a glanduliferum??), I am looking forward being able to compare the blooms! Jean
Both came from Carter and Holmes as seedlings in August of 06

8501 Paph glandultferum 'Sliding Rock' x Paph glandultferum 'Cove Creek'

8271 Paph lowii ('Cold Mountain' x 'Too Goo Doo')
Both are very nice.

I see that your lowii has a Too Goo Doo parent. I have a roebelinii with a Too Goo Doo parent.

Does anyone know who uses Too Goo Doo?

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