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Grand Chupacabra
Dec 26, 2012
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Central North Carolina
Paph. liemianum is a sequential multifloral, which means it produces multiple flowers from the same spike sequentially, where older flowers drop off as newer buds start to open. It seems to be a pretty easy species to grow. It's a very manageable size and even in bloom, it fits nicely under the lights. As far as care goes, I don't do anything special for it. I grow it in a fairly bright spot on the shelves and I keep it watered year round.

It currently has 3 open flowers and 1 bud. I've been expecting the first bloom to drop "any day now" every day for the past 2 weeks, and thus far it's held on. The flowers are small by Paph standards, but as you can see they make up for that with character. The contrast between pink and green, the creamy border on the dorsal, and the twisted, hairy, and speckled petals all make these flowers stand out in the crowd.





It's hard to make out in my crappy photos, but the foliage is very slightly mottled. Some populations of P. liemianum have very pronounced mottling on the leaves, but I haven't found any of those for sale in awhile.
It must like the environment you have provided to hold the three flowers. The best I can do is two. Mike

Yeah, it seems to be happy. Most of the time with these types, you get 2 flowers at a time, and it's usually only very briefly if you do get 3 - 4 open at a time. Like I mentioned, every single day I go in thinking, this is going to be the day the first bloom drops. And so far, that's not been the case. They're not big flowers, but they're cheerful and cute. Having 3 open for so long is icing on the cake.
Mine had three open occasionally but never for too long.
Usually one or two at a time.

I traded it with NYEric for DB.
I ended up getting a large seedling a couple of months after that.
Hooefully will flower soon.

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