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Oct 28, 2010
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Another from Marriott Orchids: Paph Legacy's Child 'Starburst' HCC x Jenna Marie 'Sparkle' AM/AOS This is Hadley's cross number HC2558.

It is also growing in a 2-1/2" square pot and has 5 growths ! The blooming growth, then a nbs to the left and another growth to the left of that. Plus there are two new growths started left and right at the base of the blooming growth. Any idea if those last two will continue to grow being so close to the original ?

The flower has a ns of 12 cm. My wife liked the ruffles of the petals. Hadley explained to her that was not a good thing for judging / awarding paphs. She didn't care and bought the plant :rollhappy:


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Jenna Marie is such a great parent! The color combination is spectacular! I will buy this too if I see it. :)
I saw one of Hadley's Legacy Child when I attended a show in NC a few years ago. It was a spectacular paph.

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