Paph. Kay Rinaman 'Amber Snow' HCC/AOS

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
This was awarded in 1971, so it's almost as old as I am. I'm not usually fond of toadies, but bought it very cheaply at the Paph House going out of business sale. It didn't skip a beat when I transfered it to semi hydro and spiked a few months later. It's its first blooming for me. This cross has been awarded 41 times over the years, so there are quite a few awarded Kay Rinamans out there.

It may not quite compete with the dinner plates we're seeing now but I'll take it any day! One can't beat the consistency & ease of bloom & it is passed on as well!
Hi Candice, not a bad blooming. Congrats.
. I was often disappointed with my blooms on my complex Paphs, Paph Hellas 'Westonbirt' FCC/RHS in particular. Then I saw Wharton Sincler's Hellas 'Westonbirt' in bloom and it could have gotten an FCC in 2007. Incredible. The difference? - Culture. Get your Kay Rinaman up to size on a multi-growth plant and you will be amazed at how much larger and better shaped the flowers will be. At that Minneapolis show, Wharton's Paph Hellas was so robust that a 4 growth plant needed a 1 gallon nursery can to hold the roots. As your Kay Rinaman gets bigger it will get better. Mostly improved shape, the color will be fairly constant.
I think the trick is to growing these complex 'toads' better, is to keep them a bit wetter and brighter than you would expect. More like the conditions for a rothschildianum, but cooler. Now to be honest I have not been able to duplicate Wharton Sincler's excellent culture, but since that show in 1998 I have that standard in my head as the goal. Too bad Wharton has gotten out of the orchid business.
The awarded complex Paphs are worthy heirloom plants that really come into their best as large display specimens. When done right they are truely incredible. You have a very good start there.
Like you, Candace, I am not a fan of the toads but this one I like better than most. Good going!
Leo, I think you're spot on. Oddly it measures a smidge larger n.s. than the awarded one but it is only 2 growths and I suspect it will get better when it's much larger. I agree these smaller, older hybrids make great specimens. They don't compare to the huge hybrids of today, but are nice as a reminder of what was the best 30 years ago.

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