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Oct 1, 2018
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Hello everyone, my name's Ron from Oz, I started growing slippers in the 80's
During that time period I received two awards from the Australian Orchid Council
a HCC IN 1987 AND A HCC in 1988, everything was going along smoothly
until I moved house 14 years later, at that premises and within a month of moving I lost over 200 slippers including my awarded plants, one named after my sister and the other after my mother. The plants literally rotted from the crown out, 3 slippers survived, which I still have today. So in 2002 I gave up on slipper orchids, then a few weeks ago I was persuaded to go to an Orchid show which again set of sparks in my old 71 year old brain.
Thirty five years ago slippers were reasonably priced and there wasn't much interest in them, now I can't believe the prices, It's going to be a slow road back
Welcome to Slippertalk, strawberry!

What on earth caused all those slippers to have crown rot? Sounds like a nightmare.
Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark - almost the exact oppposite location from down yonder, where I gather, you've got high summer right now?

Happy New Year and welcome to the forum!

Kind regards,